AGORA Intermodal database launched

Frankfurt am Main, 01 September 2010. The interactive intermodal terminal database, presenting information on terminals of all AGORA -Partners in a first step, was launched today.

Information on intermodal terminals is required by intermodal operators, customers of intermodal transport services and the “interested community” of intermodal supporters. Several sources of information exist:

  • The intermodal terminal operators themselves
  • Ports or logistics centres in which the terminals are located
  • Companies to whom the terminals belong
  • Regions or countries in which they are located
  • Intermodal operators or other institutions

Each of these sources provide a specific set of information in various formats and actuality. With this site, operated by KombiConsult with the support of AGORA-Partners the approach is to provide a single access to uniform information on intermodal transport terminals in Europe.

Starting with the data on terminals operated by AGORA-Partners we seek to expand the database geographically and from the content perspective continuously.

To have access to the interactive database, which has been developed within the framework of the AGORA project, and to gain information of the respective terminals of all AGORA-Partners, please click here: