Implementation of ILU-Code for Intermodal loading units started

oday the UIRR has signalized implementation of the ILU-Code. The European norm EN13044 defines the new standard for marking and coding of intermodal loading units (ILU) in Europe. Harmonized with the ISO-Code for (maritime) containers it allows a unified identification of the owner and identity of each European intermodal loading unit: swap bodies and semi-trailers in particular. UIRR was selected to administer the code, whereas the BIC remains responsible for the ISO-Code of containers. The implementation plan agreed upon by UIRR and UIC members companies is supported by the AGORA Working Group of European terminal managers who are convinced that the standardized identification will raise efficiency of intermodal transport chains.
Road transport companies, equipment leasing companies and forwarders shall get acquainted with the new Code by means of the UIRR-information brochure and are strongly invited to apply the ILU-Code and equip “their” loading units.
Should you have questions on the Code you may contact UIRR or visit KombiConsult, the secretariat of the AGORA Working Group on Intermodal Terminals on the München fair transport logistic 2011, May 10-13, hall B3 stand 213.
Uwe Sondermann

The information brochure provides the reasoning and advantages of using the ILU-Code for intermodal loading units in Europe and explains where road transport companies, equipment leasing companies or other loading unit owners could apply for their code.

Die Informationsbroschüre enthält eine Begründung und die Vorteile für die Nutzung des ILU-Codes für intermodale Ladeeinheiten in Europa und erläutert, wo Straßenverkehrsunternehmen, Equipment-Vermieter und andere Ladeeinheiten-Eigentümer “Ihren” Eigentümer-Code erhalten können.