AGORA Working Group organises seminar on handling equipment

Organised by Kombiverkehr some working meetings of crane experts took place in 2002/2005. HHLA Intermodal received a positive feedback in spring 2010 to restart the works. With the AGORA working group of European terminal operators the basis for organizing the first meeting was established.
In the AGORA working group operators of European intermodal terminals rail-road-waterway are cooperating. The Secretariat is performed by KombiConsult.
The exchange of experiences is directed to operation managers and technical responsible persons of terminal operators or owners. Manufacturers or service providers shall not be invited at first.
Personnel invitations were send out beginning of September 2011.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

• Welcome
• Introduction of participants
• Role of AGORA

Technical Subjects and discussion points
• Status of EU-regulations, guidelines and standards
• Specification of cranes, characteristics with respect to life cycle
• Preventive maintenance of “critical components”

Next steps

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the
AGORA Secretariat
c/o KombiConsult GmbH
Uwe Sondermann
phone +49.69.2443293-172