Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC) – now also audit compliant

The Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC), by which KombiConsult, HaCon and thinkstep determine the specific energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from combined transport terminals as well as identify potential improvements, is now also audit compliant.

The European Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, which has been implemented in e.g. Germany with the Energy Services Act (EDL-G) into national law, prescribes that non-SME companies have to carry out an energy audit by the EN16247-1 until 05.12.2015. By that most of the terminals in Germany and other European Member States are affected.

HaCon, KombiConsult and thinkstep therefore offer a CO2-analysis “of a piece”: Think Step has an equivalent qualification recognized by the BAFA who together with the professionals from HaCon and KombiConsult specialized in combined transport terminals and rail operations, can perform an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247. By this combined expertise not only the legal minimum requirements are met, but the terminal also receives the functional analysis of all processes and its “CO2 footprint”. The latter include not only its own energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but in particular the interfaces to the associated transport operators. “According to experience, it is just the interfaces at which frictional losses occur that lead to increased consumption and negative environmental impacts, so that an integrated approach is necessary,” says Klaus-Uwe Sondermann of KombiConsult.

The Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC) has already been used at six demonstration terminals and presented at the transport logistic in Munich to the professional public. While all the operational processes and their impact on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were already in the previous version, the current release also includes the business-related indicators. The result thus not only meets the requirements of DIN EN 16258, but is also certified to comply with audit needs of DIN EN16247.
ITEC has been developed and demonstrated under the European R & D project EcoHubs.

KombiConsult GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, is the specialist consulting firm in intermodal logistics solutions,
HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hanover is a software and consulting company with a focus on multimodal solutions for rail traffic,
Think Step AG, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, specializes in energy and environmental consultancy,

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