This common learning action AGORA developed from the DIOMIS study, that was commissioned by the UIC – International Union of Railways, and that involved workshop meetings of terminal managers in Europe. The terminal managers identified the need for continuous exchange of ideas on terminal management and interaction with other stakeholders in the intermodal value chain. They agreed to set up AGORA as a market place for information exchange and know-how transfer, and jointly prepared the Marco Polo application with a project start in January 2009.

The following graphic is visualising the project’s set-up, made of three modules (Mutual training, co-operation and dissemination) that will commence over project lifetime of 24 months.

The training plan composes of in total 8 meetings of the project parties, and 2 dissemination seminars (intermediate and final) involving also other stakeholders.

Two of the modules, the “Terminal Interest Group” and the internet platform on “European terminals” include the investigation of opportunities of a viable and self-sustained business model for continuous operation even after the end of the project.