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This is your terminal, and you want to update this entry. In the form below you can see the current data of your entry. Please update the information and submit the form electronically. The editors of the database, Mr. Uwe Sondermann and Mr. Kai Petri, will validate the data diligently and transfer the information into the database. With this editor approach we want to ensure a high quality of the database and avoid any misusage. Your terminal and the data diligently and transfer the information into the database. The data will become accessible with the next release in a few working days.

1. Basic Information

 Short Sea

Please enter your full terminal name, how it should be found on the page.

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Please indicate the Geo-Coordinates of the road entry of your terminal in decimal degree format, or follow the SHOW ON MAP link to place the pin in the map directly.

Please provide the name of the contact person responsible for the terminal, e.g. the managing director of the operating company or the operations manager of a single location. This name will be displayed in the database and might be contacted by interested customers or service providers.

Please provide the regular road side opening hours. Rail or barge side operating might be different but cannot be displayed here in order to avoid confusion for the road operators/truckers.

Please add any additional information that might characterize your terminal.

2. Infrastructure


Interim storage is the sum of any buffer places your terminal provides measured in TEU and/or m².


The Depot is the size of the long term container depot or storage area, measured in TEU.

Swap Body

Please click the type of loading units that can technically by handled in your terminal.

Please provide the number and usable length of your handling tracks as precise as possible. You can use four different rail lengths. If your infrastructure is too complex you might provide only the total number of tracks and their total length in the last line.

RMG      RTG




Rail | Barge




Rail | Barge

Please provide the number of railmounted (RMG) or rubbertyred (RTG) Gantry Cranes, their respective maximum lifting capacity in tonnes and handlings per hour, and whether they serve the rail and/or barge mode.







Please provide the number of Reach Stackers, their respective maximum lifting capacity in tonnes and handlings per hour.

3. Services

Container Maintenance
Container Repair
Container Cleaning
Dangerous Goods

Please click the services available in your terminal. Multiple selection is possible.

Please give a short description of any other terminal related service provided in addition by your terminal as operating company.

4. Attachments

If you want to provide a new Logo, Terminal Images or other material, please use this link to send a separate E-Mail with attached files.

If you want to provide any other illustrative material on your terminal (e.g. presentation or leaflet) for our information you are kindly invited to send a separate E-Mail. That information will only be used by us to validate the data entries and get a better impression of your site. It will not be published.

Your Info (for further enquiries, not displayed in public database)

Please use this section to provide information on the administrative contact person that is responsible for the database entry. Only this person is authorized to change the data in order to prevent the database from misuage. It will only be used to validate the entries and not displayed in the public database.

*required fields.

When pushing the “Send updated info” button your modified entries will be sent to KombiConsult, the terminal operator (General E-Mail in “Basic Information”) and the administrative contact person (Your E-Mail). The E-Mail can be printed for your reference.