Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC)

Identification of the efficiency and performance of intermodal terminals is now possible for the first time, making use of the Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC)

“Green” transport chains become more and more important. In this context, intermodal terminals are key drivers for competitiveness and sustainability of multimodal transport. However, within the calculation of the transport chains’ carbon footprint the terminals have been neglected so far.

The ecological efficiency and performance of intermodal terminals depends on layout, technology and operational processes. A realistic and detailed consideration of these parameters is now possible for the first time, making use of the “Intermodal Terminal Eco-Efficiency Calculator (ITEC)”. This tool has been developed by HaCon, KombiConsult and thinkstep (formerly PE International) within the scope of the EcoHubs project, co-funded by the EU.

ITEC allows for

  • Calculating energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) performance of intermodal rail/road terminals including all relevant operations;
  • Identifying the terminal’s “hot spots”, i.e. the main energy consumers and processes;
  • Pointing out the impact of “greening measures” already implemented and anticipates effects of planned measures.

ITEC has already been applied successfully to several European terminals. To receive further information, please contact:

     Mr Klaus-Uwe Sondermann, KombiConsult, or
     Dr. Johannes Hildebrandt, HaCon,

Please take also notice of the ITEC product sheet attached here: