Partners of the Terminal Interest Group

The partners of Marco Polo – Project AGORA automatically belong to the founding members of the Terminal Interest Group, in case they wish to become a member.
Members are generally business entities and not natural persons even if the business entities shall be represented by one or more persons who shall follow the working group proceedings continuously.

The members of the Terminal Interest Group are representing any category of intermodal terminal with regard to the combined transport market segment provided at their facilities (continental and/or container hinterland service) and their location: at seaports (e.g. Hamburg), ferry ports (e.g. Lübeck), inland ports (e.g. Duisburg, Neuss, Linz, Strasbourg), or “dry” inland sites (e.g. Köln, Wien, Graz, Bologna). The terminals offer a variety of services (transhipment, shunting, trucking, maintenance and repair, depot, …) and are linked to each other and third parties by intermodal services.

The current Operational Partners (click on the respective logo to follow the link to their website) are supported by KombiConsult.