AGORA Working Group organises seminar on handling equipment

Handling devices are next to skilled employees the most important means of production of terminals. That is similar to many terminals in Europe and the motivation for the AGORA group of terminal operators to invite colleagues of other terminals for an “exchange of experiences on handling equipment”.

Implementation of ILU-Code for Intermodal loading units started

Today the UIRR has signalized implementation of the ILU-Code. The European norm EN13044 defines the new standard for marking and coding of intermodal loading units (ILU) in Europe. Harmonized with the ISO-Code for (maritime) containers it allows a unified identification of the owner and identity of each European intermodal loading unit: swap bodies and semi-trailers in particular.
Should you have questions on the Code you may contact UIRR or visit KombiConsult, the secretariat of the AGORA Working Group on Intermodal Terminals on the München fair transport logistic 2011, May 10-13, hall B3 stand 213.

Productivity Increase in Intermodal Transport

The contribution of intermodal transport terminals to increase the productivity of combined transport was subject of the presentation to the INTERUNIT General Committee in Brussels on October 22, 2010.